Retirement Ready

The RETIREADY401k – Another Great Benefit for our Payroll Clients!

No matter how big or small your business, outsourcing as many of your non-core tasks as possible makes smart business sense. After all, it's impossible to staff up in every possible area. That's probably why you've brought in a partner for payroll.

Simply put, outside specialists can do it better, faster and for a lesser expense – while giving you more time to focus on growing your business. 

Now you can extend those same benefits to your retirement savings plan. By joining RETIREADY401k, you'll reduce the time you spend on plan administration, mitigate risk and reduce the potential personal liability of your plan decision-makers, and give your employees the tools that can help them better build toward retirement.  It's the best of all worlds. Better benefits for your employees.  Reduced liability for plan decision-makers.  Easier administration. Tailored to your company. And it can be yours for virtually no out-of-pocket costs.



Are you paying more than $890.00 per year for plan administration?

Now, with Benefit Providers’ Multiple Employer 401K Trust (MET), companies of any size can offer their employees the simplest and most cost-effective retirement savings plan available. 

AFFORDABLE— Benefit Providers’ 401(k) is designed to be the low-cost 401(k) solution for business owners. It also has the simplest fee structure in the industry, with no hidden fees.

SIMPLE — Benefit Providers’ 401(k) is online so your employees can access their plan at their convenience, plus, you’ll have quick access to our knowledgeable customer service specialists if you require assistance.

FLEXIBLE — You can easily customize the Benefit Providers’ 401(k) Plan to meet your business’s changing needs. Our Plans can be easily integrated with your existing payroll services or software, including QuickBooks.

Benefit Providers Multiple Employer Trust (MET) offers access to a diverse set of low-expense ratio mutual funds and model portfolios. We offer all the benefits of a single employer 401K plan, without all the expenses.

Plan/Benefits For Small Businesses: All the benefits of a 401K plan with an annual administration fee of just $890. Get a 10% discount for using services of Benefit Providers partner ECCA Payroll Services.*


Plan/Benefits For Large Plans: Join Retiready 401k, you’ll reduce the time spent on plan administration, reduce the potential personal ERISA liability to your officers and board members, give your employees tools to help them build toward retirement. And it can be yours for virtually no out of pocket corporate costs!

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Our Team at Benefit Providers is passionate about what we do. Our top of the line products are the best in the industry, and we are proud to offer them to you to make your job easier so you can focus on what matters most; Meeting your customer’s needs while remaining profitable.

* A one time set up fee of $600.

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