Time And Attendance: Benefit Providers in Partnership with YouPunchit.com offers a comprehensive Internet based tool to help streamline the entire time and attendance process for you and your employers. Our Internet time based system allows you to manage your employees more effectively, reducing overtime costs, and increasing both flexibility and accountability.Face reader

Our Internet Time Based System (HRe-Time) replaces traditional methods for tracking employee’s hours by giving them four access points to HRe-Time’s powerful on-line time tracking system. Employee’s can access HRe-Time by computer, smart phone, or biometric reader.

Computer Online Access: With our online time management systems, your employees can log into work from any computer in the world, schedule meetings and request time off all with a simple login. 

Download real-time reports to assess who is on the clock and where, and produce accurate time logs for your payroll department.You won't find a more efficient, secure way to keep track of telecommuting employees. Our software is compatible with the iPhone and BlackBerry, too — perfect for employees who travel often!

Off Site Phone Log In: Our time clock software allows employees to clock on and off from anywhere in the world via telephone. 


Company issued BlackBerries and iPhones are compatible, and every connection is logged into our Internet-based software. Wherever you are, you can access employee time records for accurate payroll and benefits accounting.

Biometric Time Clocks And Software: Our timeclocks and software employ scanning components that accurately and quickly log employee time records. Our time clock hardware is designed to save your company money and manpower correcting payroll errors. Our time clocks and software provide convenience, accuracy, stability and are user friendly.

  • Convenience: Wall-mount and handheld devices can be installed anywhere for simple access.
  • Accuracy: Acquired real-time employee reports for concise payroll records.
  • Stability: Guaranteed hardware and components help eliminate time clock fraud.
  • User Friendly: Easy to install, easy to use, and workflow is uninterrupted.

Finger reader



Fingerprint Scan Technology allows for accuracy every time your workers report for the day. Every scan is recorded through our Internet-based software, which allows you to pull real-time reports on employee activity. In addition, payroll is produced with more efficiently and accurately.

HRe-Time Online Time Clock Tutorials & Demonstrations: Click on the tutorial and demonstration links below to see just how easy our HRe-Time management tools are:

  • Employee: Time Input, Requesting time off
  • Manager: Approving Timesheets, Approving Time Off, Running Reports
  • Admin: Payroll Prep Our Team at Benefit Providers is passionate about what we do.

Our top of the line products are the best in the industry, and we are proud to offer them to you to make your job easier so you can focus on what matters most; Meeting your customer’s needs while remaining profitable.