ID Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection: The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. In fact, you or someone you know may have already experienced some form of identity theft. Two years after an identity theft occurs, 42% of victims are still dealing with the problem.

Benefit Providers in partnership with ECCA Payroll, now offers protection from identity theft through our partners, ID Guard.

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Provides members with automatic daily credit monitoring services through Experian and will keep you up-to-date on new scams and tips for your protection. You will have access to an online resource center for news, education and advisory services.


The Recovery Service

Provides you with a Recovery Expert who will eliminate the damage caused by identity theft. Once you report the identity theft, a Recovery Expert is assigned to you within 24 business hours and they will manage your case from beginning to end. The Recovery Service will also reimburse you up to $20,000 in total reimbursements for lost income and expenses associated with the identity theft.

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Credit Monitoring

Includes all the benefits of Recovery Service and the monitoring of your credit report. If there is any activity on your credit report, you will be sent a notification and you may be able to prevent identity theft before it happens. Millions of new credit cards and passports contain tiny two way radios called RFID chips. This makes it easy for thieves to employ electronic pick pocketing and scan your credit card numbers and other info without touching you! Our RFID blocking products prevent this from happening to you. Contact us today to get your complimentary credit card security sleeves.