HRIS Management

Manage each part of your personnel’s employment lifecycle

From the initial job posting through retirement, ECCA Payroll+ provides you with the suite of tools to manage each aspect of the employment lifecycle. With all your HR information in a unified system, ECCA Payroll+ brings clarity to your personnel picture with easy access to the pivotal data that you need.

Employee Onboarding

Help your new hires begin their career with ease by utilizing the ECCA Payroll+ employee onboarding feature. This flexible solution enables you to create different onboarding experiences, dependent upon the needs of the position. With ECCA Payroll+, you can ensure all your new hires electronically sign any required documents or agreements.

Applicant tracking

The ECCA Payroll+ applicant tracking system streamlines the talent acquisition process and helps you find the best available candidate. This full-featured solution enables you to post new job openings; schedule interviews; and track candidates through company-defined stages.


The all-inclusive portal for employee self-service

ECCA Payroll+ offers a modern and easy-to-use employee self-service solution. With MyStack, you can increase engagement with your employees by enabling them to quickly look up information about their current employment and more. MyStack is also available to your employees as a native iOS and Android app.

The Employee Stack


You can get an exceptionally fast and consistently accurate payroll system. It also comes with a built-in HR functionality. Get rid of paper. Fully online system that includes Smart phone app for employees to see payroll information at a glance.

This online system that is fully integrated with payroll, seamlessly allows for administrative tasks, improves communication, reduces cost, and provides instant reports as well as analysis.

ECCA’s all-inclusive system gives you total control over your payroll, human resource data and timekeeping with easy-to-read reports and detailed information on your desktop.

It augments the standard payroll database with powerful, flexible, user-friendly, and fully integrated personnel information tracking. You can use ECCA’s human resources module for everything you currently track in a spreadsheet or in a file.