MyStack Offers Employees Self-Service Payroll Options

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MyStack Offers Employees Self-Service Payroll Options

As a business owner, do you struggle with payroll tasks? Tracking time worked and time off? Keeping up with historical tax information? Or answering employee payroll questions? If so, you may be ready for MyStack, a convenient self-service system that enables employees to help manage their own accounts.


MyStack, offered by Benefit Providers/ECCA Payroll Services, is an all-inclusive self-service payroll administration software that combines a truly flexible payroll solution with a modern mobile experience, allowing all employees access to their accounts.

With MyStack, your employees can quickly and easily view their:

  • Recent and previous paychecks
  • Direct deposits
  • Deductions
  • Taxes
  • Printable pay stubs
  • Recent W-2 and historical tax information
  • Available and used sick days
  • Used and remaining time-off
  • View personal information on file

Once your company is enrolled in MyStack, your employees can register their mobile devices into the employee kiosk. This gives them a self-service access point to view their payroll, time and personal information at a glance.

This system is exceptionally fast and accurate, and includes a built-in human resources functionality that can enable your company to go paper-free.

Additional Functionality with Stack+

Employers can upgrade their records access and HR functionality with Stack+, an enhanced version of MyStack that enables employees to instantly access information about their current employment and more via their mobile connection. Stack+ includes self-service payroll and HR access to:

  • Performance reviews
  • Tracking of licenses & certifications
  • Recording of skills & education
  • OSHA event tracking
  • Records of leaves of absence under the Family and Medical Leave ACT (FMLA)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting
  • Employee screenings
  • Employee warnings
  • Used and remaining time-off, with access to new time-off requests (partial or full day, or set a date range)
  • Personal information on file to verify or make changes like a change of address

Benefit Providers’ HRIS Management Offers Employee Self-Service Payroll Options and Much More

MyStack is just part of the services Benefit Providers/ECCA Payroll Services offers for payroll tasks including HRIS management and time recording.

Our online systems are fully integrated with your payroll so that you can perform administrative tasks with ease, improve communication with your employees, save money and instantly access reports and analyses.

Contact Benefit Providers/ECCA Payroll Services

Do you want to make your payroll and human resources tasks easier and more accurate, and enable your employees to access their information? Whether you’re performing your own payroll tasks, or having us do your payroll for you, take a look at what MyStack can offer.

We offer a free consultation and can show you a range of self-service payroll options that can automate and improve your systems and most likely save you money at the same time. Contact us at 703-370-2226 or

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