Virtual Urgent Care Stand-Alone

From: $9.00 / month

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Virtual Urgent Care gives you and your family access to medical help 24/7/365 via telephone or web, any time, day or night. This plan includes a $0 Fee per Virtual Urgent Care Visit.


Avoid the wait of medical offices and have primary access to the best-in class care whenever and wherever, while reducing overall health care costs. MeMD provides you with their board-certified physicians to care for common illnesses, mental health concerns, referrals to specialists, and more. Includes:

  • Benefits for dependents
  • Spanish language portal
  • User-friendly interface
  • National network
  • US-licensed providers
  • Meet via webcam or phone call
  • Visit fee as low as $0
  • Accessible by the general public
  • On-demand visits 24/7/365
  • Comprehensive medical history (limited)
  • Message care coordination 24/7

*Urgent Care visits are on-demand (i.e. they are not schedule). Urgent Care visits are capped at three (3) per individual per month under a $0 Urgent Care visit fee pricing model. Each visit above the cap will be charged at MeMD’s then-current standard visit fee rate for the service type, which will be collected at the time of service.

Subscription Length

6 Months, Annually, Monthly