Virtual Primary Care

From: $19.50 / month

Virtual Primary Care (ages 16+) functions like traditional primary care, allowing you to schedule exams, consultations, and/or lab work with your medical provider by phone, app or webcam.

Urgent care for all ages is included with this package.


Avoid the wait of medical offices and have primary access to the best-in class care whenever and wherever, while reducing overall health care costs. MeMD provides you with their board-certified physicians to care for common illnesses, mental health concerns, referrals to specialists, and more. Includes:

  • Benefits for dependents
  • Spanish language portal
  • User-friendly interface
  • National network
  • US-licensed providers
  • Meet via webcam or phone call
  • Visit fee as low as $0
  • Accessible by the general public
  • On-demand visits 24/7/365
  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Message care coordination 24/7
  • Medical Provider
  • Selection Scheduled Medical Visits
  • Provider can Order and Receive Labs
  • Provider can Order and Receive Imaging
  • Provider can Provide Referral to In-Person Care (Physicals or Specialists)
  • Referral Navigation
  • Collect Historical Medical Record
  • Prescription Discount Program

* Virtual Primary Care Ages 16+ (including Urgent Care) visit fees shall be paid in full by patients upfront at the time of service.

* For $0 Visit Fee Plans: Virtual Primary Care Ages 16+ visits are scheduled and, in addition to virtual routine visits, include one (1) virtual wellness visit per Member per 12-month period. Urgent Care visits are on-demand (i.e. they are not scheduled). For services provided on an appointment basis, if the patient fails to properly cancel a scheduled appointment at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment or if the patient is late to an appointment causing the patient to miss more than 40% of the allotted time for the appointment, the patient (or legal guardian) will be responsible for a $25 missed appointment fee.

Individual or Family Plan

Individual, Family

Per Visit Fee

$0 Visit Fee, $25 Visit Fee

Subscription Length

6 Months, Annually, Monthly


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